RICHARD ABRAMS – President / Owner

I was born in Vidalia, Georgia and grew up in Cobb County. After I graduated from Harrison High School in 1995, I joined the Air Force and was stationed in Warner Robins, GA.

Skilled, hardworking, and creative are a few adjectives I would use to describe my family. Members of both of my parent’s families could do just about anything with their hands. Some could assemble automobiles and planes, construct buildings, and work with electricity, while others could sew, bake, and paint. Heating and air was my dad’s profession. All of that to say, the ability of using my hands to construct and repair things is kind of built into my DNA. It is a real passion of mine that provides me with a lot of fulfillment in my life.

Speaking of passion, I would say being passionate is one of my strongest personality traits. I am an “all in” kind of person. Another side to my personality is that I am an introvert. You will not find me striving to be the center of attention, but rather just observing and being around activities. I find it refreshing to just be myself and recharge the batteries while in deep thought.

My passions and hobbies in life are numerous and as I get older the list seems to grow. First and foremost, I became a born again believer in Jesus Christ at the age of 18. I strive daily to maintain a personal relationship with Him through his Word and through prayer. Second, I am a husband to the greatest wife that ever was. I am also a father to three amazing children. After that, I enjoy reading books, living a life of health, being a dreamer, skateboarding, camping, maintaining a positive attitude, helping others, and traveling.

I believe that each day is an opportunity, so stay out of your comfort zone and keep a positive attitude.

Licensing: State of Georgia Conditioned Air License CR 109308

REBECCA ABRAMS – Vice President / Co-Owner

I was born in Marietta, Georgia and grew up in Kennesaw, Georgia. I graduated in 1994 from North Cobb High School. Richard and I married in 1996 and moved to Warner Robins where Richard was stationed in the Air Force. We have three precious children; Peyton (18), Grant (15), and Harrison (7). We love living in Cobb County. I enjoy running, painting/restoring furniture, and decorating.

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